A win-win scenario

Isolofoam offers a complete line of rigid thermal insulation for both new construction and renovation projects. For a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional project, our high-performance products will increase your profitability thanks to their easy installation.

Put your clients at ease


The world is changing. Clients today are sensitive to energy efficiency and sustainable development. With Isolofoam, you’re guaranteeing them a rigid insulation of impeccable quality and durability that promises impressive energy savings year after year!


While they may not be experts in construction, your clients can recognize reliable contractors/ builders by the materials they choose. Your affiliation with Isolofoam products is proof of your commitment to quality and performance.


Higher profits

Our products are designed to simplify your life. Easy to install, they’ll considerably reduce your labour costs, training and after-sales service.

  • Value-added products: integrated membrane, powerful clipping system.
  • Increased profitability thanks to greater productivity on the jobsite.
  • Solutions that help you stay competitive in the market.

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Widely available

The competition is fierce. Time always tight. Delays costly. Your choice in partners is critical to the success of your projects. Isolofoam products are available in more than 500 points of sale in Eastern Canada. Even special-order products are available in rapid fashion.


Serviced regions

We deliver everywhere in Quebec, most Maritime provinces, Ontario and New England.

Quick and accessible technical support

Our experts benefit from constant training, guaranteeing you advanced technical advice in insulation. When choosing Isolofoam, the high availability of our experts allows you to have quick and easy access to their advice to address your project’s unique requirements.


Available to you

A toll-free line, detailed technical documentation, illustrations and videos, and even training and presentations at your workplace are all provided to improve your product knowledge and address all your insulation requirements.


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Train your team. Make sure you advise your clients well.

As required, our team will travel to provide training and presentations to expand your product , insulation requirements and installation techniques knowledge.

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