isobrace osb air+


Rigid insulation for above grade exterior walls


ISOBRACE panels combine the insulating performance of expanded polystyrene panels and the rigidity of 7/16″ oriented strand board (OSB). They ensure continuous insulation while helping to increase the structural rigidity of the building. The integrated membrane of ISOBRACE AIR+ provides a continuous and resistant air and weather barrier.




An expanded polystyrene panel laminated to an OSB panel perforated at regular intervals.


The combination of ISOBRACE OSB and a membrane made of strong non-woven engineered fabrics laminated onto the OSB surface, which can be used as a weather and an air barrier.

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isobrace air+
Isolofoam ISOBRACE air+
isobrace air+


Continuous insulation envelope

  • Eliminate thermal bridging between the structure and the exterior cladding.
  • Completely insulate floor joists – with 9′ length.
  • Meet the highest insulation requirements.
  • Stable and permanent insulating value.


Increased structural rigidity

  • Contribute to increase the structural strength of the building’s walls.
  • Can eliminate the need to add temporary bracing.
  • Provide support for exterior cladding (when in accordance with cladding manufacturer’s recommendations).

Water vapour permeability

  • OSB panel perforated at regular intervals to increase water vapour permeability.


Ease of installation

  • All-in-one products eliminating multiple installations.
  • Compatible with different types of building structures.
  • Reduce working time and labour costs.

Get more with ISOBRACE AIR+

Continuous air and water-resistive barrier

  • No need to add another membrane when panels are sealed.
  • Creates a continuous air barrier.
  • Flashing easy to install simply by lifting the air barrier membrane.
  • Various compatible sealing tapes and self-adhesive sealing membranes.


When properly installed and sealed, ISOBRACE AIR+ panels can serve as an air barrier, a weather barrier, and continuous insulation at the same time. A single product to install!

Compliance & Certifications

ISOBRACE OSB and ISOBRACE AIR+ panels allow you to easily meet building code requirements and the highest energy-efficient construction standards, such as ENERGY STAR.


Expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS)

  • CAN/ULC-S701 – Type 2
  • CCMC #12895-L: Compliant to ULC-S701.1:17, EPS type 2
  • Product certified for low chemical emissions: GREENGUARD – UL 2818, GREENGUARD Gold – UL 2818


OSB panel



  • CCMC #13426-R: Sheathing membrane
  • CCMC #13617-R: Air barrier material


Can contribute to obtain LEED credits.
Compliance certification available upon request


ISOBRACE OSB and ISOBRACE AIR+ products are quick and easy to install.

To ensure maximum insulating performance, make sure the installation process follows recommended practices.

Refer to the ISOBRACE AIR+ Installation Guide for complete installation instructions.

  1. Install panels with OSB and/or printed membrane facing outward, allowing the foam to be in direct contact with the framing. Ensure that all edges of the panel are well supported.
    • New construction: If installed in a seismically active area, validate bracing requirements that apply.
  2. Fasten panels with common, twisted, or ring nails.
    • 6″ o/c at the edge of the panel
    • 12″ o/c along intermediate supports
  3. When installing ISOBRACE OSB, cover the product with an air/weather barrier membrane.
  4. When using ISOBRACE AIR+, seal all joints with sealing tape or a self-adhesive sealing membrane. Framing nails used for fixing the panel must be covered.
  5. Seal surface changes with a sealant (openings, electrical outlets, etc.) and prepare the outline of the windows for airtightness and watertightness.
  6. Install 1″ x 3″ wood furrings vertically or diagonally (if recommended by the siding manufacturer).
  7. Install the exterior finish.

Technical specifications

  • 48″ x 96″ or 48″ x 108″ panels
  • Butt/square edge


Thickness R Value (RSI)
1 5/16″ R4.15 (RSI 0.73)
1 9/16″ R5.15 (RSI 0.91)
1 13/16″ R6.18 (RSI 1.08)
2 3/16″ R7.65 (RSI 1.35)

Also available on request:

  • Other thicknesses



Isolofoam expanded polystyrene insulation products are eco-responsible.

  • 95-98% air, 2-5% plastics
  • Do not contain HFCs nor HBCDs that damage the ozone layer
  • Contain recycled material
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Greenguard- and Greenguard Gold-certified products


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