Designed to last.

Isolofoam expanded polystyrene products meet the high standards of professionals in the construction, civil engineering and landscaping fields.



Construction. Civil Engineering. Landscaping.

Isolofoam geotechnical insulation is developed to perform even in the most demanding conditions, whether on roads, accesses to bridges and viaducts, large exterior development projects, outdoor patios and decks or public spaces.

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Tested. Proven. Certified.

Our tested, proven and certified geotechnical products are designed to meet the required specifications of your project. They offer a high-performance antifreeze layer for all road and railroad construction, as well as buried utility lines, protecting against extreme temperature variations and repeated freeze-thaw cycles that may cause premature damage.


Road. Access road. Unstable ground. 

Featuring high compressive, flexural and shear resistance, our expanded polystyrene insulation shines when it comes to the distribution of loads and tensions, helping to prevent the collapse of structures and protect your construction projects.


Durable. Economic. Lightweight.

Offering a high insulation value as well as water and moisture resistance, our products maintain their performance characteristics, meaning they will not lose efficiency over time. Lightweight, they are easy to handle and do not create additional loads that could affect the structure. Isolofoam expanded polystyrene geotechnical insulation is a cost-effective solution for civil engineering projects.

Meet MTQ

Our products meet the requirements of the 14301 standard of the Ministère des Transports du Quebec for applications related to road insulation and road construction.

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Technical Service

Industry recognized 
Masters of both the technical parameters and requirements of big-scale projects, our technical experts provide you with competitive solutions and will:

  • Develop solutions that are adapted to your plans and specifications.
  • Provide technical drawings for your assembly plans.
  • Deliver directly to your jobsite.
  • Respect your manufacturing and delivery deadlines—always just-in-time!