ISO R PLUS premium

Rigid insulation for indoor walls and ceilings

Made of Neopor® with a reflective vapour barrier

The ISO R PLUS premium rigid panel is specifically designed for the insulation of interior walls and ceilings. It contains Neopor® graphite particles developed by BASF-SE, which increases insulation performance without increasing the panel thickness. Equipped with an integrated reflective vapour barrier, it’s the ideal product when interior insulation is required.

Residential. Commercial. Industrial. Institutional.


Continuous insulation. Made of Neopor®. You’ll achieve superior insulation performance compared to a traditional expanded polystyrene insulation board of the same thickness. ISO R PLUS premium makes it possible to insulate the house from the inside, eliminating thermal bridges.

Vapour barrier product. Rigid and easy-to-seal vapour barrier prevents moisture in the building from moving through the insulation and into the structure, where it can cause structural issues.

Contributing reflective effect is a bonus. The integrated reflective membrane allows you to harness as much as possible the heat generated from a building’s various energy sources.

Less work. Lower costs. By combining a rigid insulation board with a reflective vapour barrier membrane in one product, ISO R PLUS premium makes it easier and faster to perform insulation, airtighntess and waterproofing work.

Continuous insulation
Made of Neopor®

  • Maximizes a wall’s insulation performance.
  • Panel height optimally covers the wall.
  • Eliminates thermal bridges from the inside.

Vapour barrier product

  • Creates a continuous vapour barrier insulation.
  • Features an easy-to-seal interior vapour barrier.
  • Reduces the risk of mold growth.
  • Can also be integrated into a complete airtightness system.

Contributing reflective effect is a bonus

  • Reflects 95% of radiant energy.
  • As a bonus, it increases a wall’s total insulating value by transferring the heat released by energy sources such as lighting.
  • Saves on heating costs and increases comfort.
  • Minimizes energy loss.

Less work. Lower costs.

  • Lightweight, easily installs on the wall and ceiling, while reducing the risk of injury.
  • Rigidity facilitates sealing.
  • Flexibility makes the passage of wires and reduces breakage.
  • Optimal sizing minimizes seams and waste.
  • Generates very little cutting dust.



Developed nearly 10 years ago to meet the upcoming requirements of a changing building code.
Increased insulation performance compared to traditionnal expanded polystyrene (for the same panel thickness) and equipped with an integrated reflective vapour barrier, it’s the ideal product when interior insulation is required.

Compliance & Certifications

ISO R PLUS premium allows you to easily meet building code and construction requirements for energy-efficient construction standards, such as Novoclimat, Energy Star and Passive House.

  • CAN/ULC-S701 – Type 2
  • CCMC # 12895-L
  • Certified low-chemical-emission product:
    GREENGUARD – UL 2818, GREENGUARD Gold – UL 2818


Can contribute to obtain LEED credits.
Compliance Certification is available upon request


ISO R PLUS premium product is quick and easy to install.
To ensure maximum insulating performance, make sure the installation follows the recommended practices.

*Videos are for information purposes only. Refer to the installation recommendations and effective requirements in your area before any work starts.

  1. Install the insulation vertically on the wood studs, reflective side inward.
  2. Temporarily fasten with nails or screws and washers.
  3. Seal all joints with a reflective vapour barrier tape.
  4. Seal joints where openings, floors and ceilings meet with a sealant (acoustic sealant, etc.).
  5. On the wall, install the furring strips horizontally every 16″ or 24″ o/c.
  6. Install electrical outlets and wiring without compromising the airtight/watertight insulation seal.
  7. Leave a clearance of at least 75 mm between the insulation and any element that emits heat.
  8. Cover with a thermal barrier (gypsum or other approved material).

New construction, Quebec : When combined with fibreboard or OSB, an ISO R PLUS premium panel of 3/4″ exceeds the R4 thermal bridging insulation requirement. 



  • Stable insulation value year after year.
  • Integrated reflective vapour barrier.

Technical specifications

  • 48″ x 97 1/4″ panels
  • Butt/square edge


Thickness R Value (RSI)
1/2″ R2.3 (RSI 0.40)
3/4″ R3.45 (RSI 0.61)
1″ R4.6 (RSI 0.81)

Also available on request :

  • Dimensions of 48″ x 109 1/4″
  • Other thicknesses



Isolofoam expanded polystyrene insulation products are eco-responsible.

  • 95-98% air, 2-5% plastics
  • Do not contain ozone layer-damaging HFCs or HBCDs
  • Contain recycled material
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Greenguard- and Greenguard Gold-certified products


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